Trinh Mai is an interdisciplinary, California-based artist whose work is driven by innovative narratives of storytelling. Her artistic creations re-imagine personal memories, family roots, and spiritual connections that alter conceptions of our identities and shared histories. Since receiving her B.F.A. in Pictorial Art from San Jose State University and furthering her studies at UCLA, Trinh has exhibited nationally, as well as showing in public and private collections internationally. Her passion for intermixing arts and collaboration has inspired her community involvement. She has served as Project Director for the Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA), Master Teaching Artist for the Bowers Museum, Course Developer for the Pacific Symphony, and Curator at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.


Trinh's project with the Heninger Village residents introduces visual art as a means of autobiographical storytelling. Residents will be encouraged to draw from memory and share their stories through drawing, painting, and poetry workshops, as well as through oral history documentation. The mission of this project is for residents to create their own collection of visual art and interviews which can assist them in passing on their stories to their succeeding generations.