We Believe in diversity, inclusivity, and community.


Community Engagement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Southern California.  Founded in 2015, we have grown to serve communities in Phoenix, Portland, San Jose and Santa Ana.

Our mission is to stimulate positive social interaction in diverse communities through innovative and socially motivated art practice.  We seek togetherness by creatively exploring our shared spaces through the medium of socially engaged art.


Credit: Lisa Mangum and Jason Levian,  Independent Publishing Resource Center , Portland, OR

Credit: Lisa Mangum and Jason Levian, Independent Publishing Resource Center, Portland, OR



Jonathan Webb, the President of Affordable Housing Access, has over 30 years experience in the development of residential real estate. He began his career with American Development Corporation (Los Angeles). During his tenure the firm development over 30 projects totaling more than 6,000 units of low and moderate income apartments. Later, as a Development Manager with Forest City Enterprises, he produced low and moderate senior housing financed or insured bu HUD, as well as conventionally financed apartments. In addiction, he has extensive experience in the development, acquisition and rehab of affordable for-sale housing throughout Southern California.

In 1999 Webb and other members of AHA's board formed Project Access, Inc., a nonprofit whose mission is to provide on-site educatopn and other social services to low-income residents of affordable rental communities. Webb continues to serve as Board Chair.

Project Access's services include school rediness, after school programs, ESL, computer literacy, and other programming.

In 2007 Webb recieved United Way's Dan Donahue Award for his support of children and youth of Orange County. In 2011 he was a recipient of the Bank of America's "Local Hero" award and an honored participant in the Orange County Community Foundation's "On Purpose" project celebrating non-profit leaders.

He is a member and past Treasurer of the Grand Central Art Center Board of Directors and is also an advidory board member of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, both located in Santa Ana, California.

Mr. Webb is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Golden Gate University School of Law.

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madeleine spencer

Madeleine Spencer lives in Santa Ana, California. She graduated with a BA in Philosophy & English from Chapman University in 2008. She received her Master’s Degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Depth Psychology in 2011. Madeleine has worked as a therapist doing group and individual therapy with children and adults, as well as incarcerated youth ages 13-17. Madeleine in currently completing her Doctoral Dissertation in Community Psychology, Ecopsychology and Liberation Psychology from Pacifica Graduate School.

Madeleine regularly acts as a Learning Facilitator for the Santiago Canyon Collenge District's Humanities Department at Santiago Canyon College. Working within the Santa Ana Community she built the advocacy coalation known as Project Homelessness, a group which has successfully advocated to open the emergency shelter known as the Courtyard, Pass SNAP EBT in Orange County and she continues to work on the right to rest and decriminalization of the homeless. In a group known as the Santa Ana Coalation for Responsible Development she worked to create and successfully legislated for the passage of Santa Ana's Progressive Transparency Law in2013. She continues this work fulfilling further implementation in the establishment of Santa Ana's First City Wide Strategic Plan in 2014, and continued these efforts by beginning her work on Economic Development through a BHC Equity for All work-group where she worked with others to build the coalation that advocated for and won for 2015 Unanimous Passage of the City's Wellness Resolution. Madeleine began her own consulting firm, Diamond Heart Enterprises in 2014.

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Yvonne Flores began her real estate career at First Team Real Estate in 1997 and in Huntington Beach. Her first sale, a $69K condo in Placentia, and her first listing, a $1.44mm Newport Beach Westcliff home, set her off in her real estate career, and she went on to sell 28 homes in her first year as a Realtor. She was showcased by First Team Real Estate as the guest speaker for recruiting seminars and promoted in weekly advertisements in the OC Register as "Come Hear How I Sold 28 Homes In My First Year Of Real Estate" and successfully recruited many new and emerging realtors to the industry and to First Team in particular.


In 2006, Yvonne earned her Real Estate Broker's license and a few years later, created Westcliff Properties, a thriving real estate and property management company located in the Artists Village of Downtown Santa Ana. In 2012, she opened her then home, and current office location, up to local artists and entrepreneurs who hoped to succeed in the emerging downtown scene, and overnight, the idea of creating Gallery 211 was born. Merging her love of the arts with real estate, and with the help of her family and daughter, Allyssa Flores, Westcliff Properties and Yvonne hosted and sponsored local artists, monthly art shows, concerts, book signings, work shops, and crochet classes at Gallery 211 for over 3 1/2 years. More importantly, the gallery was a free, not for profit, gallery and creative work space and remained free to local artists up until Yvonne permanently closed its doors in 2016. Exhibits such as the “Santa Ana Toy Theater”, "Faces of Santa Ana", "The Bloom Polylogue", and "Pleasure Objects", as well as concerts with Seeds of Resistance and Irene Diaz were just a few of the highlights in the life of Gallery 211, and some of Yvonne's favorites.


Today, Yvonne is an Accredited Residential Manager by the Institute of Real Estate Management, manages commercial and residential portfolios for investors, and she serves as a Notary Public, and volunteer for the Orange County Registrar of Voters for many years now. She is an Advisor|Property Manager at SVN|Vanguard and she works in connection with the Small Business Development Corporation of Orange County. She sits on the Board of Advisers for Downtown, Inc, one of two BIDS in Santa Ana and regularly participates in and promotes events for and in Santa Ana through her social media and personal network of friends.

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