Cultivating Diversity in Santa Ana through Literature


LibroMobile is a literary project by Red Salmon Arts & Community Engagement initiated by local author Sarah Rafael García and established in Santa Ana, California—it integrates literature, visual exhibits and year-round creative workshops and live readings.

Sarah Rafael García; Photo credit: John Gilhooley

Sarah Rafael García; Photo credit: John Gilhooley

The LibroMobile is not only mobile but also builds community and promotes literacy. It resides at Grand Central Art Center and travels throughout Santa Ana visiting a variety of communities, including Alta Baja Market and Café Calacas at Calle Cuatro.The design of the LibroMobile is nostalgic of the iconic paletero carts or fruit vendors that are part of downtown Santa Ana. To hear or see a paletero or frutero cart builds cultural interests (from locals and visitors) to know that something authentic and familiar is being offered, and LibroMobile will achieve the same connections through relevant literature.

The LibroMobile Project offers affordable books by writers of color, bilingual and Spanish books for children, youth, and adults, as well as books that speak to culture and social justice issues relevant to the local community. Stocked items will eventually include approximately 200 books ranging from handmade zines to popular titles, to small press bilingual publications, a community board to post local resources and a traveling Little Free Library—this will serve as a book exchange. When someone wants to borrow a book instead of purchasing their own copy, they will provide another book for someone else to read for free.

Plus—LibroMobile’s Do-It-Yourself MFA program (established in March 2016) is a one-on-one mentorship with Sarah Rafael García at Grand Central Art Center. Currently, two community-based emerging writers are working on individual manuscripts for publication. Two new writers will be accepted every spring. More details to come…

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